People I Admire

Alvin Toffler – In his most famous work, Future Shock, this highly perceptive futurist describes humankind’s troubles that arise when it attempts to deal effectively with a quickly changing world that bombards people with an ever-increasing amount of data whose context is constantly shifting. In 1970, no less. You didn’t have to read very far to gain insight into my desire to help the world deal with information overload, did you?

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Sir Ken Robinson – The power and importance of creativity is a common thread in an academic career that has influenced the way educators view the arts, that has strengthened the cultural ties between Britain and the United States, and that has even helped make inroads to peace in Northern Ireland. I highly recommend a viewing of his talks on

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Bob Johansen – A senior fellow at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California, Dr. Johansen studies the past and analyzes current trends to forecast the future. He’s also keenly interested in the new set of skills that will be required for effective leadership in a world where traditional methods are quickly proving to be unsatisfactory.

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